Auto Accident Q&A

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Auto Insurance Coverage

Am I required to have auto insurance coverage in Minnesota?
What types of auto insurance coverage are available?
Are there other types of auto insurance coverage available other than those required by law?
How do I know which is the right policy for my family and me?
Is there any other reason why persons of modest means still might want higher coverage?
What is stacking in the insurance industry?
How can I add stacking to my policy if I insure more than one car?
Are higher liability limits a benefit or detriment to me?
What is underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage?
How does underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage benefit my family and me?
What is your best advice with regard to auto insurance coverage?

Auto Accidents

What is the most common cause of auto accidents that you see in your practice?
What is the first thing I should I do if I have just been in an auto accident?
Should I discuss the accident with police if they arrive at the scene?
When should I notify my insurance of an auto accident?
What should I do if I have been asked to release my medical records to the other party’s insurance adjuster?
At what point after an accident should someone consider contacting a lawyer?
What should I do if I was in an auto accident and the other party flees the scene?
Will I be billed to discuss my situation with a lawyer?
How do I know if I need a lawyer after an accident?

Auto Mike Unger

What is your experience in personal injury law?
How did you decide to go into the legal profession?
What is the most rewarding aspect of your law practice?
Describe what makes Unger Law Office different from other personal injury firms